Effective Baby Teething Tips

A teething baby can put many parents’ skills to the test. What works well for one baby, might not work at all for another. However, there are many things that parents can do and many products available to make the teething process easier for their babies. In fact, a top rated baby shower gift for 2020 is a handmade teething toy. That’s how big of a deal a teething baby can be.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some effective baby teething tips and products that can help soothe your teething baby:

Cuddle- by cuddling your baby, you can give your child reassurance and comfort. Tender loving care from parents will go a long way when the baby is experiencing discomfort.

Cool Food- if it’s apparent that the baby is having pain, cold foods or drinks can help numb it. Slightly chilled fruit puree or yogurt are great options.

Chamomile- a diluted chamomile tea is a safe sedative that makes just about any teething baby feel better.

Gum Massage- parents may massage the baby’s gums lightly to ease the discomfort. Make sure to use a clean finger to prevent infection around erupting teeth.

Something To Chew- it will be helpful if baby has something that he can chew on. A rough texture should help babies to ease their pain. Parents can chill baby teethers, pieces of veggies or fruit wrapped in muslin. Give it to the baby and let him chew under supervision.

Teething Gel- parents can use teething gel to massage across the gums if their baby is more than four months old. Make sure to check expiry date and dosage before using teething gel.

Ice- put a small amount of crushed ice in a thin cotton cloth and use it to rub on the gums gently. It is important to make sure that ice doesn’t directly come into contact with your baby’s gums as this can cause frostbite.

Teething Ring- parents can provide temporary relief with sterilised teething ring. For greater relief, you should chill the ring in the fridge.

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