The Importance Of Handmade In Today’s Disposable World YB Handmade London

In today’s world full of disposable products, there is something to be said for traditional handmade toys, gifts, and clothing. This is especially true when it comes to children’s and baby’s products. When you think of the toys you played with as a child, it seems like they were much more durable and they lasted a lot longer than the toys our children play with today. Sure, we are saving a small amount of money when we purchase today’s mass-produced goods, but at what cost?

Childhood Mementos

Many of us can still remember our parents pulling out those embarrassing mementos of our childhood long into our university years. There were hand sewn blankets, teething toys, dolls, and more. Some that we didn’t even know about, but our parents managed to save them. And, looking back, they were kind of important and we begin to realise that we want that same feeling for our children. That feeling of quality, sustainability, and uniqueness.

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To get that same feeling when we purchase baby shower gifts, teething toys, baby teethers, and more for our children, we have to avoid the disposable, mass produced items and shop with YB Handmade London.

If you want high quality baby shower gifts and the best teething toys, YB Handmade London carries a wide selection handcrafted by skilled professionals who understand the importance of handmade products in today’s disposable world.

YB Handmade London’s Newest Collection

Now that you understand the importance of handmade baby gifts and teething toys, let’s take a look at YB Handmade London’s newest collection of handmade baby teethers:

Elegant Rose Teething Ring- these made to order teething rings are handmade in England, using all-natural silicone and wood which have been fully certificated for its safety. Our Elegant Rose Teething Rings are perfect for babies who do not use dummies.

Little Captain Teething Bracelet- our Little Captain Teething Bracelet is available in a wide range of colours and includes an elegant gold string, making it a fashionable accessory for any baby.

Wood Bunny Teething Bracelet- handcrafted of natural wood and featuring a gold string and silicone beads, our Wood Bunny Teething Bracelet is one of our most popular sellers.

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