• Want to bespoke a Dummy Clip in small size (upto 8 beads) for your precious little one from your own idea? Tell me your idea of your perfect teether by following the instruction below and please fill these answers into our custom text field or simply mesage/email us:


    1. What theme/colour theme you are after?
    2. Is it for a boy or a girl?
    3. Any features you particularly want to add into your teether?
    4. Other notes
    5. Are you happy to have your teether to be copied and put on the market again? Yes/No
    6. Any other ideas and extra cost on material can be discussed, please email or message us for your requirement.
    7. You will need to pay for this product first for all the design and handmade service and material cost. 
    8. After the payment is received, your teether will be made in 2-5 days. Your teether picture will be sent to you to approve before it goes for shipping.
    9. Finally, after you received the teether, I will be very appreciated if you will post a feedback on your social media platform and tag us or leave a feedback message on our product page, if you will be happy with our service and the product! Thank you very much xx


    Bespoke A Dummy clip (S)

    SKU: bespokedummyclipsmall

      YB Handmade London